Our Father, Who Art in Heaven

On earth, as it is in heaven

A play by Ulrich Seidl at the Volksbühne Rosa Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, 2004

A prayer room like any that can be found at any airport. A small chapel at the place of secular ascension, the center of global mobility. Six believers and a priest, praying to God, addressing Him, confessing and asking, whispering, shouting, cursing, bemoaning their fate.

Our Father, Ulrich Seidl's first play, deals with -- like his prize-winning documentary feature, Jesus, You Know -- how faith works. Seidl doesn't want to be a critic of ideology; he doesn't tackle the sclerosis of the church, with its bigotry, kitsch or authoritarian structure. Seidl is interested in the question: "How do people build a relationship with a "Father Who art in heaven" they have never seen? How do you communicate with God? >>>

Stagedesign: Bert Neumann