Rarely has anyone shown on film, with such rigor, such stylistic mastery, the appalling regularity [predictability] of everyday life, the insanity of normalcy. Werner Herzog, Der Standard

A cruelly precise, artistically assured gaze reveals the inconsolable of all our days and nights, the bleak absurdity of the usual promises of a fulfilled life. There is no cinematic document that portrays Vienna and the Viennese more revealingly, more acutely, more oppressively. With its larger-than-life characters, in the truthfulness hidden under the surface, in the horror of mortally sad/ridiculous vulgarity, Good News brings to mind Herr Karl, the genial creation of Carl Merz and Helmut Qualtinger. Ulrich Weinzierl FAZ, 18 March 1991

A magnificent work. Aesthetics as a moral strategy that allows people and their daily context to speak for themselves“ Wolfram Schütte, Frankfurter Rundschau

Good News is a high-wire act. In terms of the choice of locations, the confidence in the power of the image. Explosive cinema which triggers passionate discussions. What more could you wish for? Constantin Wulff, Der Standard

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