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The aesthetics of ugliness play a major role for Ulrich Seidl. I often thought of Francis Bacon, or a love of bad plastering, or torn wallpaper, which brought to mind Tàpies …  Gerhard Roth

Antworten von Ulrich Seidl aus einem Interview von Gerhard Roth / November 1995 PDF 400 KB

… After Seidl's Animal Love, we know that even love between humans is only the echo of something that is forever vanishing … Werner Herzog

Ulrich Seidl's film doesn't open a window onto strange, dark and bizarre worlds. It is our world that he shows. His protagonists are like us, we are them. Acknowledging this is exhausting, depressing and, in the best sense of the word, entertaining. A film for philanthropists, not misanthropes.  Heinrich Mis, ORF/Kunst-Stücke

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