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... but Mr. Seidl has done something that sits in your head; his movie feels both flamboyant and deadpan. With "Dog Days", which achieves a verisimilitude that most directors would envy, he has made an engrossing and disturbing film that feels like a Dogma 95 film made by Todd Haynes. Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

The film itself, miraculously, is just the opposite: vibrantly inventive, aesthetically rigorous, sardonic and occasionally quite brilliant. Deborah Young, Variety

Anyone who has seen this film will not forget it, whether he loved or hated it. Corriere della Sera

Dog Days has style, is poignant and insistent. It is paradoxical, but feels good to say: Look, here is a film that hurts. Der Spiegel, Urs Jenn

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