A film as a confessional. People go to church, people sit alone on a pew, people pray to Jesus, who is everything to them: father and friend, savior and rescuer, guide and wailing wall -- conversing, silent, or loving.

We meet a student who attends mass every day against his parents' will. He spends all his free time in the church and tells Jesus everything and repents everything: erotic fantasies as well as dreams of being a hero.

And a retired chemistry teacher whose partner is cheating on her with another woman. In her prayers she yearns for revenge. But isn't revenge a sin? Like so many others, she comes to church to complain, to collaborate, to reflect, and to pray to Jesus for forgiveness.

With formal rigor Ulrich Seidl presents six fragmentary portraits of six believers who ask questions, search for answers, and pour out their cares to Jesus. Each of these six stories thereby opens an intimate space, permitting us a view of that which can be called God.