Plakat "Jesus, du weisst" / Design Kornelius Tarmann


In an article for the Wall Street Journal, John Waters named "Jesus, You Know" the best foreign-language film for 2006. That, as he conceded, he was the only spectator in the theater didn't diminish his conviction that Jesus, You Know was "a great movie."

It is Seidl's most rigorous work so far and one of his finest: self-reflective in a form that equates the piety of confession with the self-exploitation concept of talk shows. What emerges are sincere reports of loneliness. Christoph Huber, Die Presse

Seidl is not interested in voyeuristic entertainment. He doesn't attack the people he films, but rather, those he reaches through them. Stefan Grissemann, Profil

Once again Seidl films in a (taboo) zone of the absolutely private, thereby resulting in a painfully revealing authenticity. Calculatedly directed, provocative and unmasking. 88 minutes of filmic irritation. Salzburger Nachrichten

The breaking of one of the last possible taboos. Zürcher Zeitung

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