ONE FORTY (4 feet 7 inches)

Synopsis Karl Wallner, the protagonist of this short film, is in his 50s. When he was fourteen, he reached 1.40 meters (4'7") and stopped growing, The film shows scenes from the daily life of the dwarf, at home, at work and in his leisure time.

Filmmaker's Statement „This is my first film, made as a student at the Vienna Film Academy. I wanted to make a film about a dwarf, a handicapped man. But without the hypocritical display of sympathy generally found in documentaries on social issues. I wanted to show a handicapped man as an individual personality, someone you can laugh about or find boring, just like anyone else. The film - like many of my later films - has led to heated debates and charges that I am a cynical social pornographer.“

Credits Austria 1980 / 16 minutes, 16mm/ black and white
Director: Ulrich Seidl / Producer: Ulrich Seidl / Script: Ulrich Seidl / Director of Photography: Paul Choung / Editor: Paul Choung / Cast: Karl Wallner

Film negative: Vienna Film Academy
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