Synopsis This short film invites the viewer to Horn, a small city in Lower Austria, where Ulrich Seidl grew up. There, it is a tradition for high school students to organize a graduation prom. Not only is this ball one of the most important social events in the city, but it also takes place at the height of carnival.

Filmmaker's Statement „The Prom was the reason I got kicked out of Vienna Film Academy. The teachers didn't like the film's editing or its structure, and thought that the film would hurt the Academy's reputation.“ Ulrich Seidl

Austria 1982 / 50 minutes, 16 mm
Director Ulrich Seidl / Producer Ulrich Seidl / Script Ulrich Seidl / Directors of Photography Susanne Meitz and Hermann Dunzendorfer / Editor Angela Kauf / Sound Alf Schwarzlmüller / Cast Hans Rasch

Film negative: Vienna Film Academy

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