BROTHERS, LET US BE MERRY – A Mozart Minute by Ulrich Seidl

Synopsis "Brothers, let us be merry, bravely defy your troubles" enjoins the slaves' song from Mozart's Zaide. It accompanies two dimly lit men indulging in purposeless pleasure: They masturbate, as if someone had ordered them to get in the mood and enjoy themselves. In the consummation of lust the film anticipates the hangover which turns Nietzsche's claim that "all joy seeks eternity" into an eternally unfulfilled utopia. Not even Mozart can do anything about that.

Development Ulrich Seidl developed this Mozart Minute for the 2006 Mozart Year, a program that asked filmmakers to create filmic associations with Mozart. 28 Austrian filmmakers, including Ulrich Seidl, Michael Glawogger, Jessica Hausner, Paulus Manker, Lisl Ponger and Anja Salomonowitz, accepted the invitation. The program was initiated by Mozart Year artistic director Peter Marboe and curated by Christine Dollhofer, director of the Crossing Europe film festival in Linz.

Credits Austria 2006 / 1 minute, Super 16 mm, blown up to 35 mm, 1:1.66
DirectoR: Ulrich Seidl  / Collaborators: Wolfgang Thaler, Ekkehart Baumung, Markus Davy, Veronika Franz, Heinz Hartel, Max Linder, Andrea Wagner

Produced by: Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion GmbH, A 1090 Vienna, Wasserburgergasse 5/7
T +43 1 3102824; F +43 1 3195664, E

financed by Wiener Mozartjahr, City of Vienna