Extraordinary compositions ... between plastic beauty and moral depravity. Jacques Mandelbaum, LE MONDE

It's a sympathetic look at how people use each other, for their own needs ... What makes this film hard to watch is that we know it is true. Karin Badt, HUFFINGTON POST

A maestro of discomfort whose taste for confrontation masks a seriousness of purpose and a measure of compassion. THE NEW YORK TIMES

Repulsive and sublimely beautiful ... it's hideous and masterful all at once, SALO with sunburn. Leslie Felperin, VARIETY

It's not the first time that cinema deals with the tricky question of sexual tourism, but this time it is not an easy moralistic denunciation, rather an investigation of the fragility and suffering of human beings. Luciano Barisone, RADIO VATICAN

An obvious critique of European self-destructive loneliness, Paradise: Love will haunt you like a bad wet dream. Stephen Garrett, THE OBSERVER

A witty if psychologically pitiless test of our unspoken presumptions about age, race, class and gender (...) inviting us to ask ourselves why we want to look away from the screen when we do. Guy Lodge, TIME OUT LONDON


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