Ms. Hofstätter and Mr. Saleh - this is his first role - are brilliantly convincing to an almost alarming degree. New York Times

Outstanding. New York Times A disarmingly funny and tender examination of sex and religion. Indiewire

Contains some of the most memorable moments of film we've seen this year. Indiewire

Grotesquely funny, shocking, cruel, harrowing, or all of the above. Hollywood Reporter

A pitiless sarcastic black comedy. Screen

Startling imagery, ambiguous morality and with ruthless black humor. Variety

Outstandig. Kurier

Astutely imaginative. Wiener Zeitung

Seidl's films are occurrences, whether you appreciate or think very little of their ruthlessness, and "Paradise: Faith" fulfills this to a very special extend. Der Tagesspiegel

An intelligent irony is present in every instant of this film. Il Messaggero

The most Jelinek-like horror film in a long time including the self-flagellating performances of Maria Hofstätter (as the martyr) and Nabil Saleh (as the paralyzed Muslim husband) can only hope for a lion if the jury is quite tough. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Ulrich Seidl's film is radical in its form as well as in terms of its content and transcends the obvious provocation of its relentless scenes. It is a reflection of the excesses of religious worship comprising impressively austere images. Arte

You can witness a story which will delightfully disturb and awkwardly move you.

Hilarious and almost unbearable at the same time.

Brilliantly casted: Maria Hofstätter. 3sat Kulturzeit

Seidl directs the drama with oppressive precision and black humour. Die Presse

With its formal clarity and emotional force, Seidl's film is in a different league than the rest of the Lido-competition so far. Die Presse


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