Synopsis The film follows a teacher looking for an Asian wife, because Austrian women have disappointed him. He talks about himself, and questions and discusses with other men who have found catalogue brides from Thailand and the Philippines and married them.

Festivals Hof, Duisburg, Amsterdam, Nyon, Potsdam, Karlovy Vary, Diagonale (Graz), among others.

Credits Austria 1994, 60 minutes, Beta, 35 mm blow-up
Director: Ulrich Seidl / Producer: Erich Lackner / Director of Photography: Peter Zeitlinger / Editor: Peter Zeitlinger / Sound: Ekkehart Baumung / Editor and Music: Walter Andreas Christen / Featuring: Karl Schwingenschlögl, Familie Hausmann, Klausner, Krieger, Rausch, Schmid.

Produced by: LOTUS FILM GmbH, A 1060 Vienna, Mollardgasse 85a Stiege 1
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