Synopsis What does modern art mean for the average museum-goer? Ulrich Seidl invites visitors and experts to talk about, discuss and reflect on modern art, touching on their dreams, visions, fears and, eventually, sexuality and death.

Awards Austrian Award for Public Education.

Festivals Rotterdam.

Credits Austria 1995, 45 minutes, Beta
Director: Ulrich Seidl / Producer: Erich Lackner / Script: Ulrich Seidl / Director of Photography: Peter Zeitlinger / Editor: Walter Andreas Christen / Sound:: Ekkehart Baumung / Featuring: Erich R Finsches, Marie Kern, M.C. Kreindl, Hubert Fabian Kulterer, Barbara Paukner, Peter Reiser, René Rupnik.

Produced by: LOTUS FILM GmbH, A 1060 Vienna, Mollardgasse 85a Stiege 1
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