Synopsis The film portrays Rene Rupnik, a fifty-year-old math teacher who lives with his elderly mother, surrounded by walls of garbage, paper and newspapers that he has amassed through years of collecting on the street. In his fantasy, the obsessive breast expert lives with Senta Berger, the Viennese movie star, who he has admired for years. He has seen all her movies, collected all her pictures. Only once did he see her in real life: in the theater, at a play he saw fifty times. With his new binoculars, from the standing room.

Festivals Duisburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, among others

Credits Austria 1997, 60 minutes, Beta
Director: Ulrich Seidl / Producer: Erich Lackner / Script: Ulrich Seidl / Director of Photography: Heinz Brandner, Jerzy Palacz, Hans Selikovsky, Peter Zeitlinger / Sound: Ekkehart Baumung / Editor and Music: Walter Andreas Christen / Featuring: Rene Rupnik

Produced by: LOTUS FILM GmbH, A 1060 Vienna, Mollardgasse 85a Stiege 1
T +43 1 7863387, F 43 1 7863387 11,,

Distributor: Coproduction Office | F 75009 Paris, 24 rue Lamartine | T+331 5602 6000 | |

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