• Good News

Good News

Good News is a film about modern slaves and modern overseers, about small animals, small apartments, small people and small stories. About the insanity of normalcy in Austria. It portrays newspaper vendors in their yellow and red uniforms: young men from India and Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey - Muslims from the third world who hawk newspapers on the streets of Vienna. Here the world of the newspaper vendors, there the world of the newspaper readers in their Austrian living rooms. Good News is Ulrich Seidl's first feature film, which he was finally able to make seven years after leaving the Vienna Film Academy. The screening of a rough cut of the film led to a fierce controversy, and it could never have been completed without the help of Werner Herzog. A single print of the film, shown in a single cinema, managed to draw 20,000 viewers. A sensation, especially for a documentary movie at the time. Werner Herzog still lists it on his documentary top ten.