The Team

Ulrich Seidl
Producer, managing director and the director of numerous international prize-winning films such as Animal Love (1995), Jesus, You Know (2003), and Dog Days (2001), which was awarded the Grand Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2001. Import Export (2007), the first film that Seidl made with his own production company, was followed by his prize-winning PARADISE Trilogy (2012/13), whose parts premiered consecutively in competition in Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Next came In the Basement (2014) followed by the latest film Safari (2016). Both premiered at the International Film Festival in Venice.

Veronika Franz
Born in Vienna in 1965, Veronika Franz studied philosophy and literature. In addition to working as a film journalist for a Viennese daily, she has since 1997 accompanied the work of Ulrich Seidl as an artistic collaborator. Among other texts, she wrote with Seidl the screenplays for Dog Days (2001), Import Export (2007) and the PARADISE Trilogy (2012). She has also worked as an assistant director and casting agent. The documentary Kern (2012) was both her debut as a director and the first film she made together with Severin Fiala. It was followed by Goodnight Mommy (2014), also with Fiala, which premiered at the International Filmfestival in Venice, won more than 27 prices and was sold in 25 countries.

Melanie Friedl
has been production office manager since March 2015. Her responsabilities also include being office manager, project manager and production assistant.

Daniela Trauner - maternity leave
has been with Ulrich Seidl Filmproduction since October 2016, working as its financial administrator and contact person with funding agencies and coproducers.

Georg Aschauer
has been responsible for production-related matters (content, organization and finance) since summer 2017.

Melitta Graf
has been in charge of bookkeeping since April 2018.

Katharina Beck
has been in charge of financial concerns as production accountant since October 2018.